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8' Locking Tie Down Strap FREE SHIPPING

Part Number 101
8' Locking Tie Down Strap FREE SHIPPING
8' Lock strap
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Perfect for Power sports, Marine, Tools, Equestrian, Medical, and more!! 8.5ft long with a soft tie extension included for no scratching Two #64 hardened steel (Heat Treated) combination locking carabiners Each carabiner is 6.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. 8 Braided stainless steel cable inside full length of strap Beefy galvanized steel rivets to detour theft, 500lb working load If you do not want someone to loosen the Lockstraps after you secure something, tie the left over strap behind the sliding clasp (as many times as needed to get rid of slack pic #3) then put the last loop inside the carabiner along with the other loop 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Tie Down + Theft Security = Peace of mind!! Set your own combination, and you can change the combination any time you like You only need a ball point pen!! (we suggest that you set the combinations different on each carabiner, that way you do not have to worry about leaving one end unlocked) Open the carabiner by setting the combination to -0-0-0- on the side with the arrows. Then press down on the locking mechanism and either push or pull the locking mechanism away from the carabiner. (it is designed to open both ways) Look inside the locking mechanism and you will see a small pin. While holding the locking mechanism with one hand, use the other hand to press in the pin and set your own personal security code. When setting your private personal three digit code, please set one number on your combination at a time and make sure it is working properly (by pushing down on the locking mechanism) before moving on the next number. When you press the pin in to set your combination, make sure you only press down the pin and not the whole locking mechanism. If you make a mistake and the locking mechanism will not push down, set the combination code to 0-0-0-.(on the side with the arrows.) While applying pressure to the top of the locking mechanism (as if you were trying to open it) start from the bottom number and turn slowly until you get to the number you were trying to set. If you feel a little jiggle before you get to the number you were going to set, STOP and move up to the next number and repeat the process until you get to the top. (last number.) If the locking mechanism does not open, repeat the process a few times. If it still does not open, you can take it to a locksmith and they can open it for you, or you can send it back to Lockstraps and we will either reset it to -0-0-0- or you can have us set it for you. Please put a note inside the box with the secret combination that you would like and we will set it for you.
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